See What Lady Gaga Wears to Go Hiking

The singer takes to the woods, but she looks more red-carpet ready

Lady Gaga
Getty Images

When normal people go hiking, they don some sort of athletic ensemble: shorts, yoga pants, a comfy t-shirt, etc. However, Lady Gaga is not normal people. When Lady Gaga goes hiking, she goes all out with her wardrobe.

The “Born This Way” singer and her boyfriend, Christian Carino, were seen strolling through the woods in Montauk, New York last Wednesday (via photos posted by Splash News). Meanwhile, BuzzFeed pointed out the obvious (and hilarious) discrepancy in the couple’s outfits. While Carino chose to wear sneakers, dark shorts and an athletic-looking t-shirt, Gaga opted for more glamorous attire.

She can be seen sporting nude-colored high heels, a figure-flattering, ankle-length skirt with side slit, a ruffled off-the-shoulder crop top, and large silver hoop earrings.

Commenters on the BuzzFeed post had some jokes of their own to make. Nancy Lemarique wrote, “This is what it looks like when your boyfriend tells you he’s taking you out on a date and doesn’t tell you what kind of date.” Another commenter, Erin Landles, said, “Maybe she’s dressed up because she can’t even go for a f–ing walk without some assclown hiding in the grass to take photos of her looking less than perfect. She’s not a Pokemon, leave her tf alone.”

Whatever her intention, Lady Gaga undeniably slayed the runway — erm, hiking trail — with her outfit.

See the pics here.