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What the Stars Are Tweeting

Who’s really writing celebrity Twitter feeds — the stars themselves, or their ”people“?

A sampling of tweets from the high-profile stars and judge for yourself.


Kevin Smith (thatkevinsmith)
"I went for a walk today. It’s the most exercise I’ve had in months. I’m ready to vomit. F–k, I’m fat."

LeVar Burton (levarburton)
"WTF? My rating on IMDB has jumped by over 700% this week. Must’ve been the guy wearing the Reading Rainbow tee-shirt on The Price Is Right!"

Lily Allen (lilyroseallen)
"@perezhilton god, you’re like so obsessed with me its embarassing."

Ashton Kutcher (aplusk)
"greatest lesson in my marriage. Don’t try to solve her problems just listen love and be supportive. this is the opposite of male nature."

Demi Moore (mrskutcher)

"Wish I could contact this woman Lisa Connell who wants to have surgery to look like me & encourage her to not to! She is a beautiful girl!"

MC Hammer (mchammer)

"A man walks in a room with no security,orders coffee and service is slow..he walks back in with 5 bodyguards,you say wow who is he? same man"

Shaquille O’Neal (the_real_shaq)
"Can I plaese cheat on my diet and go to dairy. Queen pls pls pls"

Christopher Walken (cwalken)
"A friend from out west mailed me a "Snuggie." A joke apparently. I don’t get it. I look like a derelict Gumby in the thing. Funny, I guess."

Greg Grunberg (greggrunberg)
"White House tour tomorrow. If someone can get to President Obama, let him know I’m going to be stopping by for some Ranch Dressing."

Britney Spears (britneyspears)
"Britney went to Jerry’s Deli last night for after shopping at Target. She had a black and white milkshake with dinner. ~Lauren"

Katie Couric (katiecouric)
"PS–menu from lunch at White House–lobster bisque, striped bass, fruit confetti w/pound cake."

Jimmy Fallon (jimmyfallon)
"I want to buy stock in Duraflame. Those fake logs are pretty fantastic."