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What the Hell Is the Nicki Minaj Challenge? A Short Explainer

You don’t have to be ballin’ like the rapper to twirl on your haters

The internet proves itself unbeatable once again after turning Nicki Minaj into a viral social media challenge — the Nicki Minaj Challenge.

On Wednesday, the rapper uploaded a video to her social media page of her getting on a private plane to head to Prague, but it wasn’t the footage that caught people’s attention — it was how Minaj entered the jet.

Let’s just say … she bodied that.

“Attention!” the rapper commands. “This is how bad b—-es leave London and go to Prague. You b—-es can’t even spell Prague,” she says.

But that’s not all.

Nicki Minaj then struts towards her private jet in her pink Balenciaga outfit, twirled on the haters, waves a dismissive hello and strikes a pose on the plane’s steps.

Her video quickly received a lot of attention on social media as many people wanted to show off how they approached life like bad b—-es — even if they didn’t have a private jet to stunt with.

Some people showed off how they take out the trash in style.

???????????? #NickiMinajChallenge

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Even members of the armed forces joined in on the challenge.

So basically, whether you’re ballin’ like Nicki Minaj or just a regular person doing household chores, you too can be a bad b—-.

See some of the best challenges below.

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