Exclusive: Unaired ‘Lone Star’ Episodes Could Run in Late-Night

Fox isn’t ready to deep-six the unseen episodes of its ratings-starved new series


Fox is still mulling what to do with a handful of finished "Lone Star" episodes that never aired, including a possible run in late night, TheWrap has learned.

The Texas con man soap was a critical success, but was cancelled Tuesday, just two episodes into its run, due to dismal ratings. 

No final decision about what to do with the "three to four" unseen "Lone Star" episodes has been made, but Fox has many options are on the table, an individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap.

One idea being considered would be to burn off the rest of "Lone Star's" run in a late night time slot. Re-runs of "Lone Star" are currently scheduled to air Saturdays at 11 p.m. As of now, a repeat of episode two is still slated to run this coming weekend.  

"Lone Star" creator Kyle Killen said he was unaware of any plans to burn off "Lone Star" episodes in late night, online, or on another network. 

When told about the potential for the remaining three to four episodes in a late night time slot, Killen said: "Sounds like you might know more than I do at this point."

"Lone Star" is produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television. As of this writing, multiple representatives for the studio have not responded to requests for a comment on the final fate of "Lone Star's" unaired episodes.