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5 Things to Know From Eric Holder’s Explosive Uber Report

The report calls for less boozing, an end to employee-manager romances, and a more diverse workspace

Uber is having itself quite a day.

The world’s most popular ride-sharing app was bombarded with a number of hits on Tuesday, starting with CEO Travis Kalanick taking an indefinite leave of absence from the company.

Kalanick’s decision was supported by the findings of a 13-page report spearheaded by former Attorney General Eric Holder into the company’s culture. Released to employees, the investigation suggested “reallocating the responsibilities” of Kalanick and curtailing his involvement with the company when he returned.

The four-month investigation was launched after a former Uber engineer said she was propositioned for sex by company manager — an allegation that highlighted the company’s already suspect work culture.

Uber’s board unanimously agreed to adopt the recommendations of Holder’s report on Sunday, according to TechCrunch.

Some of the changes include:

Find a Chief Operating Officer
Uber’s board needs to hire a COO to work as a “full partner” with the CEO. The COO will focus on “day-to-day operations, culture, and institutions.”

Change Its Party Culture
Party time is over, apparently.

In an effort to reengineer its culture on the fly, Uber is cracking down on its frat-like approach to drinking. Uber “should consider limiting the budget available to managers for alcohol,” and deemphasize the role booze plays in its company events. Instead, the company will promote work mixers where alcohol is “not a strong component” to make employees who don’t drink more comfortable.

Employees and Managers Cannot Date 

Continuing its purge of company hedonism, the report outlined stricter guidance for office romances. In particular, employees and managers are now prohibited from hooking up. Employees are also expected to report office romances immediately.

 Family Friendly Environment
Now that it’s committed to a wholesome office culture, Uber will look to improve its accommodations. Uber should move up its catered dinners to favor “a broader group of employees, including employees who have spouses or families waiting for them at home.” The report also suggests Uber adopt a flexible work schedule, where employees can work remotely on a regular basis.

Prioritize Diverse Hiring
Uber will adopt a version of the “Rooney Rule,” an NFL policy named after the former owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, requiring teams to interview at least one minority for coaching vacancies. To ensure those who are “underrepresented in Uber’s workplace” are given an opportunity, the company will interview “at least one woman and one member of an underrepresented minority group” for its openings. 

And as part of its updated kinder, more gentle ethos, Uber wants its employees to “hug it out,” in the words of Ari Gold. No, seriously. Mike Issac of the “New York Times” tweeted Uber’s head of HR suggested employees give each other a hug in a meeting today.

To read the full report, click here.