‘What’s the Deal?’ With Jeff Sneider’s Best and Worst Movies of 2014 (Video)

“A Most Violent Year” and “Top Five” just missed the Top 10 while Optimus Prime battles Spidey for Worst Sequel

What’s the Deal with Jeff Sneider’s Best & Worst Movies of 2014? Well, you’ll have to watch both videos to find out, but here are some hints.

Sneider’s Top 10 video above features a documentary, a made-for-TV movie, an Indonesian martial arts sequel, two future midnight movie classics, a handful of acclaimed indie films and a good old-fashioned studio picture based on a bestseller. These films feature a range of fascinating characters including a pair of very different journalists, a civil rights leader, a Golden Eagle, the next Buddy Rich, a military veteran, a Hammer Girl and a woman scorned.

While Sneider loves movies and takes no pleasure (well, maybe a little bit) in trashing the bad ones that fail to meet expectations, he has a duty to warn the public about 10 terrible movies to help future generations hold Hollywood to a higher standard.

Sneider even sings his review of a certain Christmas Day musical starring Johnny Depp, who shows up on this list not once, but twice.

Which other movies does Sneider save his scorn for? Watch the video below to find out. And remember, Hollywood, to forgive and forget — just like Sneider plans to. Leave your own Best & Worst lists in the comments section below!

And see Jeff’s Sneider’s Worst 10 Movies of 2014: