‘Wheel of Fortune’ Scandal: Lax Pronunciation Leads to Controversial Upset (Video)

A dropped "G" robs "Wheel of Fortune" of puzzle-solving glory

"G" whiz, "Wheel of Fortune" judges — you sure are sticklers for details.

Wednesday night's episode of the long-running game show has sent ripples of controversy across the internet and the nation as a whole, thanks to a sketchy ruling that has many viewers crying foul.

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The moment came when a contestant named Renee attempted to solve a puzzle with the clue "Living Things," with the exposed letters "SE_EN S_ _NS A-S_ _MM_NG," Renee guessed — seemingly correctly — "Seven Swans a-Swimming," a line from the beloved carol "The 12 Days of Christmas."

Unfortunately, her delivery was a tad too folksy for the "Wheel of Fortune" judges, who deemed her response — which sounded like "Seven Swans A-Swimmin'" — inaccurate.

"Yeah … can't accept that," Sajak responded after a warning buzzer sounded.

Which left the next contestant, Amy, to walk away with the prize — because Renee had already totally solved it!

Amy admitted as much after being deemed the winner, telling Sajak, "I thought she said that."

No doubt, Amy wasn't the only person of that opinion, but Sajak went on to explain that Renee answered in "the vernacular."

How fancy — he probably sips tea with his pinky extended, too.

TheWrap has reached out to "Wheel of Fortune" for comment on the outrage, but has not yet heard back.

Watch the scandal unfold below.