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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Proves Listening Is a Lost Virtue (Video)

Kaulana was dead-set on the letter ”L,“ apparently. Too bad he wasn’t paying attention

Sometimes it pays to listen.

In the age of viral videos, “Wheel of Fortune” has been a breeding ground for “epic fails.” It only takes a few seconds and one mental lapse for a potential big winner to become an Internet sensation.

Often times contestants are ridiculed for failing to solve relatively easy puzzles, but not Kaulana. No one could fault Tuesday night’s lone male contestant there. No, his sin was failing to listen.

Just seconds after the contestant before him incorrectly guessed the letter “L,” it was Kaulana’s turn to take a stab — but he chimed in with the same incorrect guess.

“L,” Kaulana said before realizing his mistake and hanging his head in shame. The buzzer went off and even Pat Sajak was embarrassed.

But don’t feel too bad for Kaulana, because he went on to win the episode.

The answer to his puzzle, you ask? “The Motion of the Ocean.” Nope, there’s definitely not an “L” in that one.

Watch the video above.