‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fail: No, Not THAT Kind of Shower, Melanie (Video)

Jenn and David found it funny

Last Updated: October 5, 2018 @ 2:07 PM

We’re not sure what kind of showers Melanie is into, but they’re not gonna win her any money on “Wheel of Fortune.”

With just one letter remaining hidden in a classic “Same Name” puzzle on the Pat Sajak-hosted game show, Melanie elected to solve. She did not get it right.

“Bridal & Gold Shower.”

Nope. That definitely is not it.

Vanna White stayed frozen in place, the audience “awww’d,” and all Sajak could say was “sorry.”

Competitor Jenn cleaned it up on the very next turn. She and David both seemed to get a kick out of the situation.

“It happens,” Sajak eventually mustered as the show cut to commercial.

Watch the video above.

Somehow, Melanie remained in the lead.


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