‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak’s Daughter Fills in as Letter-Turner (Video)

Host Pat Sajak’s continued absence fueled rumors that he suffered a health relapse

Maggie Sajak Vanna White Wheel of Fortune
Photo Credit: Wheel of Fortune/Sony Pictures Television

Vanna White is still filling in as “Wheel of Fortune” host in Pat Sajak’s absence, so a special guest has been brought on as letter-turner. Pat’s daughter Maggie Sajak will reveal the letters this week. Next week, her father and White will return to their usual roles.

The official “Wheel of Fortune” Twitter account made the announcement Monday evening.

“We’re keeping it in the family — meet our special guest letter-turner, Maggie Sajak!” the post read, with the hashtags family and family time.

Maggie is Sajak’s youngest daughter with wife Lesly. She turned 25 on Sunday, so she was 24 when these episodes were taped. He also has a son, Patrick.

In an interview last month, Pat said that his emergency surgery due to an intestinal issue was “completely successful.”

“I was back from surgery last week and had a wonderful time on the show,” Pat in a special taped announcement. “I’m not going to be here this week. It’s not that I’ve had a relapse, it’s just because of the technicalities of the taping order.”

The Sajak-hosted episodes will start airing next week. White has been hosting episodes airing since Dec. 9, 2019.

Sajak seemed quite proud of his daughter’s letter-turning debut, tweeting Monday, “I like the new puzzle person.”

It wasn’t Maggie’s first time on the show; she appeared as a baby back in 1996.