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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestants Get Sassed by Pat Sajak Over ‘Gynecologist’ Guess (Video)

Puzzle blunder gives birth to an awkward moment

Kick back, put your feet in the stirrup, and get ready for a laugh.

“Wheel of Fortune” gave birth to a hilariously awkward moment this week, thanks to a lack of spelling comprehension and a touch of snark courtesy of host Pat Sajak.

The magic moment was captured on Tuesday by former “The View” personality Michelle Collins, who apparently fills her time with such activities now. Collins shared the exchange on Twitter with the caption: ‘I. Can’t. Breathe.”

The clue? “Occupation.” The contestants? A female duo named Britney and Rhonda.

As the puzzle began to fill in with letters, the duo took their best guess, “Professional Gynecologist,” even though a number of exposed letters eliminated that possibility.

“I knew that was coming,” Sajak quipped.

Why, Pat? Because they’re womyn? Someone throw up a bat signal to Gloria Steinem …

The correct answer, by the way [SPOILER ALERT] was, “Professional Genealogist.”

Watch the fun unfold in the video.