Which Actor Links ‘Preacher’ to ‘Game of Thrones’?

If you’re enjoying the antics of Fiore and DeBlanc on the AMC drama, you may be surprised to learn that one of them was involved in “GoT’s” darkest moment

preacher game of thrones tom brooks

“Preacher” has been a very intriguing summer newcomer so far. Based on Garth Ennis’ twisted, grotesque graphic novel series, the AMC drama’s cast of sinners includes — but is not limited to — a preacher with supernatural powers, a slacker Irish vampire, a decrepit old meat plant owner, and a teenager with a mouth that looks like a sphincter.

But perhaps the characters that have stolen the show are Fiore and DeBlanc, the antsy angels who are trying to retrieve Genesis, the powerful spirit that now lies within Jesse Custer. The two disguise themselves as federal agents, but it’s clear they aren’t exactly The Untouchables. They struggle to keep up their cover and constantly bumble about. When they’re not struggling to get the job done, they’re getting murdered repeatedly and horrifically. Fortunately, as angels, they have the ability to immediately respawn good as new, though they do leave their old corpses behind.

Fiore and DeBlanc have been on the receiving end of the lion’s share of the kills on “Preacher,” but one of the actors behind this duo is quite familiar with brutal violence. Tom Brooks, who plays Fiore, also played a small but vital role on the show that has become TV’s top dog: “Game of Thrones.”

In season three of the HBO series, Brooks played Lothar Frey, one of the architects of the infamous Red Wedding. If you have the stomach to watch that unbearable scene again, you can see Lothar stabbing Talisa Stark right in her pregnant belly.

By the time Season 6 rolls around, however, it’s clear that Lothar’s supposedly evil brilliance was short-lived. He and his men lose Riverrun to Brynden Tully, and when Lothar threatens to kill Edmure if the Tullys don’t surrender, Brynden calls him out on his bluff. The Freys only get Riverrun back once Jaime Lannister arrives to do the work for them, but not before the Kingslayer chews out and slaps Lothar for being so worthless.

Then, as if that’s not enough, Lothar is killed offscreen in the season finale by Arya Stark, with his chopped up body getting baked into a pie Arya serves to his father.

Brooks did not play Lothar in this most recent season, but even so, those who have seen both “Thrones” and “Preacher” might notice some similarities between Fiore and Lothar. They’re both socially incompetent. They both come up with bad plans. They both lose valuable items of power, with Lothar losing Riverrun and Fiore losing Genesis. The biggest similarity, though, is that they both lose their lives in ghastly fashion.

Of course, unlike Lothar, Fiore has an unlimited lives cheat code built into his angel DNA, so no matter how many times he gets hit by a car or chopped up with a chainsaw, he can always come back for another go. Too bad Hodor didn’t have that power.