White House Correspondents Visibly Cringe After Newsmax Reporter Asks ‘Is President Biden Woke?’ (Videos)

Much almost-snickering ensues

Newsmax Is President Biden Woke
The Recount

Several White House Correspondents visibly cringed and stifled laughs after a Newsmax reporter asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, “is President Biden woke?” in the briefing room on Tuesday.

As you can see below (via The Recount), the Newsmax reporter says to Jean-Pierre, “to wit, is President Biden woke?” prompting a lengthy but clearly calmly exasperated response from the Press Secretary.

But Jean-Pierre wasn’t the only one who displayed, let’s call it, an obvious — and obviously politely suppressed — response to the question. At least three other White House correspondents also appeared to find the question more ridiculous and embarassing than “gotcha”

For instance, in the second clip below, the reporter closed her mouth shut and suppressed a smile while she looked down with obvious amusement on her face:

And in the clips below, you can see one reporter take a moment to realize what just happened — at which point she broke out into a huge grin. And still another reporter sure looked like he almost laughed out loud, before catching himself.

As for Jean-Pierre, this was her full response:

“So let me tell you what the president cares about and what’s important to this president,” Jean-Pierre said. “The president doesn’t concern himself about what republicans are trying to do in creating political stunts and making an issue out of the things they feel benefits them politically – not the American people not what matters to the American people, but what benefits them for their own ability to move forward.”