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‘White House Down’ Trailer: Jamie Foxx Joins Channing Tatum in the Action (Video)

The newest trailer for Roland Emmerich's big-budget action flick takes a lighter, sometimes comedic, tone as audiences get to see Jamie Foxx picking up a rocket launcher to defend himself

It's Jamie Foxx's turn to blow things up in the newest trailer for Sony's "White House Down."

Foxx, who plays the President of the United States in the big-budget Roland Emmerich ("Independence Day") action movie, wields a rocket launcher while an aspiring Secret Service agent, played by Channing Tatum, drives the Presidential limo through the White House lawn to escape bad guys.

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The new trailer takes a significantly lighter tone from the last preview, which ratcheted up the drama with terrorist attacks on the nation's Capitol. That came out before the Boston Bombings. This trailer reminds audiences that mayhem can be fun — or even funny.

In true buddy-action comedy fashion, the music cuts when Foxx tells Chatum he has lost the rocket launcher.

"How do you lose a rocket launcher?" Chatum yells back for a little comic relief amidst the life-threatening situation.

Cue the exciting, upbeat chase music and resume the action: