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White House Won’t Leak Obama’s ‘Letterman’ jokes

Prediction: President Obama is going to be funny on David Letterman tonight.

Here is a prediction: President Obama is going to be funny on David Letterman tonight.

What funny anecdotes will the president have? Well, the White House won’t say exactly.

That’s of course not to say that reporters didn’t ask that exact question Monday of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs aboard Air Force One as the president headed first to Troy, New York, for an event and later to New York City for the Letterman taping.

Question: “Does the president have any funny anecdotes for David Letterman tonight?”

Gibbs:  “Well, I’m not going to preview them here, for goodness sakes.”

Question: “Well, so we can get ready. (Laughter.)

Gibbs: So that you can get ready? Well, that was first and foremost on the president’s mind this morning. … No”

Gibbs went on to explain the president’s decision to sit down with Letterman for a long interview resulted from his appearance on the show during the campaign.

 “He’s had a good rapport with David Letterman for quite some time. We did this before he became a senator and again on the presidential campaign, so it should be — I think it will be fun. But I also think, again, I think it’s a way of talking to people that may not get their news all from traditional outlets. So I think that’s an important way to continue the conversation.”