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White Supremacist Who Supports Donald Trump Screams ‘N-Word’ at ABC Anchor (Video)

”You’re not a person of color, N-word! You’re a N-word! You got it? You’re a N-word!“ Craig Cobb says to Byron Pitts

A white supremacist who supports Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy recently screamed the N-word at ABC anchor Byron Pitts.

Craig Cobb, who’s proposed building an all-white community named after Trump, went off on Pitts during a phone conversation after finding out he’s black.

The conversation turned ugly with Cobb going off on Pitts after he noted the two of them had a pleasant conversation before Cobb knew he was black.

“You’re not a person of color N-word! You’re a N-word! You got it? You’re a N-word!” white supremacist Cobb said after crediting Ann Coulter and railing against immigrants.

“Listen there’s an unbridled race war going on in this country; Ann Coutler said there’s at least 30 million Mexicans in this country, Byron, and they don’t have any business here.”

A calm and cool Pitts simply responded, “Is that right?”

Cobb also brought Jasmine Brown, an African American ABC producer, to tears by saying he hopes she isn’t sending a “negro presenter” to interview him and that he won’t talk to an N-word.

“It sucks that as a 20-something-year-old woman who’s always been told her whole life, ‘just be you,’ that that’s not the case for some people,” a tearful Brown said in an interview.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment on Cobb’s support for his campaign.

Watch the video: