Dionne Warwick Dismisses Accusation Her Sister Dee Dee Molested Whitney Houston: ‘Hogwash’

“I will never, and I mean this, ever forgive those who perpetuated this insanity,” says Houston’s aunt

Dionne Warwick is dismissing accusations that her sister, the late gospel singer Dee Dee Warwick, molested Whitney Houston and her brother Gary when they were children.

“First of all, it’s totally hogwash,” Warwick said in an interview on “Larry King Now,” referring to an accusation made in the newly released documentary “Whitney.” “And for those lies to be perpetuated in this so-called documentary film, I think it’s evil.”

Dionne Warwick added, “I will never, and I mean this, ever forgive those who perpetuated this insanity.”

According to the doc, released last month Houston confided in her personal assistant, Mary Jones, that between the ages of 7 and 9, her cousin Dee Dee molested her and her brother while growing up in their hometown of Newark, New Jersey. Dee Dee Warwick, who died in 2008 at age 66, was 18 at the time.

Jones says in the on-camera interview, “[Whitney] used to say, ‘I wonder if I did something to make her think I wanted her.’”

“Whitney” director Kevin Macdonald said in a Vanity Fair interview that Gary Houston mentioned to him in that he attributes his addiction problems to “being molested by a female family member.”

It was only later that Macdonald suspected that the same thing happened to the future superstar chanteuse.

Watch the interview in the clip above.