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Whoa, ‘Brother': Exclusive Details on the Final Eviction…and a Contest!

The last evictee won’t be revealed until Tuesday. Plus, see how you could win a ‘Big Brother’ T-shirt.

There’s just one week to go before "Big Brother" ends one of its most successful seasons ever– and, not surprisingly, emotions among fans are intense right now.


For many, the dominant feeling is one of disappointment: Only one member of Team Jeff– aka the good guys– remains. Michelle was evicted tonight, leaving Jordan all by herself to carry the banner for the team viewers seemed to love the most.


Meanwhile, one despised player (Natalie) and one annoying player (Kevin) are still in contention for the $500,000, and odds are one of them will win it.


"’Big Brother’ is like watching a sporting event," exec producer Allison Grodner told TV MoJoe in our weekly post-eviction chat. "You go all season with your favorite team, and sometimes they make it. And sometimes they don’t. It’s very real."


The fact that there’s a very real chance many viewers will be bummed by the outcome of the game only serves to highlight just how little "Brother" producers are able to stage manage the game.


"If the game were fixed, it’s very possible America’s favorites might very well be in it," Grodner laughs.


One thing Grodner won’t comment on: Insider reports that producers have decided to shake up the structure of the final days of the game.


According to a person with knowledge of the situation, next Tuesday’s finale will begin with all three current members of the house still in the game. The final two won’t be determined until Tuesday’s live show, just moments before the jury decides the ultimate winner of the show.


That would mean the final evictee won’t have much sway over the jury. And that all three houseguests will be staying with each other longer than they expected.


It also means Tuesday’s finale promises to be must-see for fans, since it’ll be the only way to find out who wins the final HOH– and if Jordan will stay alive.


Part two of the final HOH competition will be seen on Thursday’s show. Sunday’s episode is expected to be a best of and "moments you didn’t see" hour.


Grodner’s only response when asked about the finale shakeup: "Tune in Thursday," she said.


Now, on with the Q&A:


So isn’t Jeff to blame for the situation we’re in now, with Natalie and Kevin in control?


The team was rolling along. They had a final four (agreement). You could argue about whether Russell would have honored it. But his taking out Russell when he did… that really turned things to the other side.

It wasn’t just pure paranoia on Jeff’s part. But Kevin and Natalie…are playing the strategic social part of this, and the lying and deviousness part of this, to their advantage. Jeff bought it hook, line and sinker.


If Kevin or Natalie win the final HOH, who will they take with them?


I think that Natalie says she’s 100 percent in Kevin’s court. She feels confident she can beat any one of these people and has friends in the jury house. That remains to be seen, especially given what some of the people in jury have seen lately.


On the other hand, Kevin… is really looking out for how he can win this half-million dollars. He’s been quite consistent in the diary room saying he wants to cut her…at the last minute. He thinks his best chance of winning is sitting next to Jordan.


I think this is going to be a close vote no matter what.


Natalie isn’t liked by many fans. What has she done well in this game?


She played the chess game well. She didn’t win competitions. She’s lied a lot. But she manipulated like a lot of the best of them. But she doesn’t have the charisma of the rest of them.


She’s also had Kevin under her thumb since Jessie left. Before that, she was his lapdog. But after that, she’s really played a pretty good poker game with these people.

This is the first year for Pandora’s Box. How did it work out?


It’s been interesting. It’s a twist I’ve wanted to try for a while. I think it’s played into some of the drama here. I mean, who knew Natalie would go to such an extent to lie?


That lie…really proved to Kevin that Natalie is playing for her self and playing a deceptive game. He lost all trust (because of Pandora’s).


I’ve also always found it fascinating to test people on greed vs. the best interests of the rest of the house.

So what was the smartest move of the season?


I think getting Ronnie out when they did. He’s someone who could have gone far, who could have gone the distance.


And the Marcellas award for dumbest move?


Two things. Jeff trusting Kevin and Natalie. Everyone here screamed collectively, "How could you?" After they spent the whole season lying to them– I was shocked.


And the move by Kevin tonight to evict Michelle could be Kevin’s downfall. I think Michelle was Kevin’s best chance (of getting to the finale). If Jordan wins, I think she’ll listen to Natalie.


OK, I have to ask: Some of the annoying characters who entered the house last week during Pandora’s Box seemed familiar. Like they’d been in the house in past seasons?




Can you tell us who?


Why don’t we see if fans can figure it out. We’ll have a contest. A "Big Brother" T-shirt to whoever comes up with which annoyance was previously in the house and what season they last appeared.


It’s a contest then. Leave answers in the comments section. The first correct answer will win a "Big Brother" T-shirt, courtesy of the show and TheWrap. Make sure to register so we have your email!