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Whoopi Goldberg Slams Chris Christie for Boosting Trump: ‘In With the Devil, Baby’ (Video)

”The View“ moderator and Garden State resident says her governor is now ”stuck“ with ”Devil“ Donald Trump

Chris Christie is stumping for Trump, and ABC’s “The View” co-hosts spent some table time on Wednesday trashing the New Jersey governor for his decision.

The daytime talker rolled a Ronan Farrow-shared Vine set against dramatic music, depicting Christie standing behind GOP frontrunner Donald Trump during a recent campaign stop. Different variations of the clip have made for very funny Internet memes this week.

“He looked like he was about to cry,” moderator Whoopi Goldberg said of the video, “See? You get in with the Devil, baby.”

Fellow panelist Joy Behar pointed out that the play comes with just two years left in Christie’s current gig. And there is no way he’s getting reelected in the Garden State, right, resident Whoopi?

“He’s not — no — we not — no — nut-uh,” Goldberg said. “Keep yo’ ass where you are right now.”

She then appeared to misuse the word “lashing” a bunch of times — Goldberg meant “latching.”

“What are you lashing on to? You’re lashing on to a guy who says he doesn’t know who the KKK is,” she said. “You’re lashing on to a guy who pretends he doesn’t understand why folks are insulted when he says that all Mexicans are murderers and rapists.”

It went on from there for a while, with Goldberg adding that The Donald “pees all over women.”

“There’s no way out for you, Chris — there’s no way out baby,” she concluded on Christie’s ties. “You’re stuck. No exit.”

Watch the video above.

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