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Whoopi Goldberg Shocked at White House Denial of Biden Victory: ‘I Really Want Some of What They’re Smoking’ (Video)

Trump officials continue to insist on a second term

Today may be Whoopi Goldberg’s birthday, but don’t think for a second that means she’s got any extra patience for White House officials denying Joe Biden’s election victory.

“The View” moderator was so flabbergasted by Assistant to the President Peter Navarro’s insistence that the White House is moving forward “under the assumption that there will be a second Trump term” that she jokingly asked for “some of what they’re smoking.”

“President-Elect Biden expanded his win by taking the state of Arizona. Wow, Arizona! Which means you know who is going to have to start paying attention to the fact that maybe he lost. But people are talking about why isn’t he getting intelligence briefings? And the gig just starts in 68 days. But White House officials like Peter Navarro still haven’t gotten the memo. I don’t know how they missed it,” Goldberg said, rolling the clip of Navarro.

After a moment of stunned silence, Goldberg added: “I really want some of what they’re smoking. I really want some of whatever it is they’re smoking or drinking, ’cause this is crazy.”

Then she opened up the topic for debate with the rest of “The View” co-hosts, at which point Ana Navarro clarified that there is absolutely “zero” relation between her and Peter Navarro.

“I really, really could not care less if Donald Trump can’t psychologically, emotionally, deal with Joe Biden being president. I don’t care if he doesn’t invite him to the White House. Good. It’s all infected with COVID anyways,” she said. “I don’t care if Melania doesn’t reach out to Jill [Biden]. I don’t care if Mike the Fly Pence doesn’t reach out to Kamala. But I do care that the next President of the United States, our President-Elect, does not have access to the intelligence briefings. That makes us vulnerable.”

Watch the clip below.