Why Social Media Goliath Jellysmack Is Betting Big on Participatory Video

5 Questions: The digital publisher formerly known as Keli Networks is going all in on original content and beauty-focused videos

With five brands currently running on Facebook, Jellysmack (formerly known as Keli Networks) has achieved substantial success in the social video space. After surviving Facebook’s infamous algorithm change in early 2018 — a change that resulted in publishers like Little Things closing their doors — the company says it has grown its following to more than 170 million engaged monthly users, with over 70 percent in the core 18-24 demographic.

In September, under the leadership of co-founders Michael Philippe and Robin Sabban, the company raised $14 million in Series A funding and beefed up its executive team by adding a list of industry veterans who previously worked at Mashable, Tumblr and Refinery29.

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