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Why the Failure of ‘Lone Ranger’ May End Golden Age of Hollywood Producers (Video)

TheWrap's Lucas Shaw explains the impact of the latest flop on producers' standing in the studio system

“The Lone Ranger” opened to a thud this past weekend and has grossed $82 million to-date. That’s a great early number for plenty of movies, but a pittance one that cost upwards of $200 million. The performance of the movie doesn’t reflect well on anyone, with some questioning why it was ever made.

The reason for that is pretty clear.

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Johnny Depp and Jerry Bruckheimer has been an invaluable combination for Disney, which has made billions off the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.

Yet that math doesn’t always work, one of many reasons big-time producers no longer get a blank check to make whatever they want. Bruckheimer was long the lone exception, but “The Lone Ranger” likely changed that.

TheWrap’s film reporter Lucas Shaw explains. Watch the video above.