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Why ‘Krypton’ Is Filmed in the UK, Not Vancouver

TCA 2018: David S. Goyer wanted to go across the pond to find voices more appropriate for his alien world

Fans in the know will tell you the DC universe is mainly based out of Vancouver — at least it is shot there. But Syfy’s new series “Krypton” is unlike its sister programs. Executive producer David S. Goyer wanted the characters on his show about Superman’s origins to have British accents, which is why he decided to move the show’s production across the pond.

“Specifically, you know the main reason is and this will sound kind of funny, but there’s this, I think when people think of fantasy or science fiction when you think of accents, for whatever reason, the Mid-Atlantic or British accent is the default accent when you’re dealing with an alien world,” Goyer said during the “Krypton” panel at the Television Critics Association press tour on Tuesday.

“And more recently, you’ve seen Jor-El played by someone who wasn’t American,” Goyer continued. “It just seemed appropriate and I also knew that when we were shooting, you know, even people who are 20th on the call sheet have gone to the Royal Shakespeare Academy. So there’s an incredible history of acting talent, you know, over in the UK. And selfishly one of my bachelor’s i shot in the UK, so i was able to pull in a lot of, you know some of cast members and crew from that.

Geoff Jones, president and chief creative officer for DC Entertainment, added that the new location gives the show a unique feel compared to others set in the same universe.

“It also has such a different look from lots other superhero shows out there that were shot in Vancouver, and we wanted this to have a really different specific look,” Jones says. “So you’ll see cityscapes that you wouldn’t normally see.”

Of course, Cameron Cuffe — who is tasked with playing the lead role of Superman’s grandpa, Seg-El — thinks that Belfast is really where it’s at these days, any way.

“Belfast in many ways is becoming the Hollywood of Europe, so many great shows and movies are shot over there,” Cuffe says. “There’s such a great pool of talent — both cast and crew.”