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Why NBC’s Angela Bromstad Is Smiling Today

The Peacock’s entertainment boss is having a darn good week. Thanks, ”Parenthood“!

Angela Bromstad is having a good week.

Yesterday, NBC’s entertainment chief was able to announce a full-season renewal for "Parenthood," the second first-year scripted series picked up by the network this season. And today, Nielsen reported that "Parenthood" returned the favor by delivering its best demo ratings since its premiere.

"When I take a second to stop and think and feel, it’s a good thing," Bromstad told TheWrap yesterday afternoon. "It’s so great that we get to go to another season. This is the kind of show we want to bring back to NBC and nurture and support."

Add in the earlier renewal for MoJoe Faves (TM) "Community" and "Parks and Recreation" — which Bromstad still thinks of as a first-year show — and NBC’s Season from Hell isn’t turning out to be quite as bad as it once seemed.

Bromstad said she sees "Parenthood" returning in the fall, not later in the season. And she confirmed the network has ordered a full roster of 22 episodes.

"It’s such a relatable concept, and the show just delivers," she said.

And what about the massive slate of new shows NBC is developing for next fall? So far, so good, Bromstad said.

""We’re feeling pretty good about things," she said. "Everything we’ve been counting on has been coming in well. There haven’t been any tragedies."