Why Rajon Rondo, Jessica Lange and Los Angeles Dodgers Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

Here are the week’s most emotionally reacted-to TV personalities and characters

The Wrap has partnered with Canvs, the emotion measurement AI company, for a weekly look at some of the characters and personalities that have TV viewers the most worked up on social media. The data below covers Oct. 17-23 and is drawn from the most emotionally reacted-to television programs, including broadcast, cable, streaming and PPV.

A guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, an actress returning to “American Horror Story” and the L.A. Dodgers had viewers talking passionately on social media over the past seven days.

ESPN’s broadcast of the Houston Rockets vs. Los Angeles Lakers game was one of the most emotionally reacted-to programs of the period measured, generating 95,333 Emotional Reactions (ERs). Lakers guard Rajon Rondo drove a ton of emotion during the game, especially at the end when a fight broke out between him, Chris Paul and Brandon Ingram, which resulted in ejections from the game and subsequent suspensions. Viewers had a lot to say about the brawl and where to place blame.

Viewers were thrilled to see Jessica Lange on “American Horror Story: Apocalypse,” which aired on FX and sparked 51,916 ERs. The actress had previously appeared in seasons one and three of the anthology series, and it was announced in late summer that she’d be back for this round as well. Her appearance drove a lot of positive emotion around the episode, with some people calling out how this series has a very talented female cast.

The Los Angeles Dodgers squared off against the Boston Red Sox in Game 1 of the 2018 World Series, sparking 88,507 ERs during the Fox broadcast. The Dodgers drove the majority of emotion during the evening, and it was both positive and negative: fans chimed in from all over to root for the team or express hope that it would go down in flames against the Red Sox. (The Dodgers did indeed lose, with a final score of 4-8).