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Why Rolling Stone Magazine Endorsed Hillary Clinton Despite Clear Love for Bernie Sanders

”This is not the time in history for a ‘protest vote,'“ publisher Jann S. Wenner writes

Rolling Stone has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and the magazine’s publisher, Jann S. Wenner, explained why in a column that starts off with effusive praise for her rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“It’s hard not to love Bernie Sanders. He has proved to be a gifted and eloquent politician. He has articulated the raw and deep anger about the damage the big banks did to the economy and to so many people’s lives.” Wenner wrote. “My heart is with him.”

Despite the clear love for Sanders, the Rolling Stone publisher concluded, “It is not enough to be a candidate of anger. Anger is not a plan; it is not a reason to wield power; it is not a reason for hope.”

Clinton isn’t even mentioned until the fourth paragraph of the endorsement, when Wenner mentions that she “has an impressive command of policy, the details, trade-offs and how it gets done.”

Then Wenner shifted his attention back to Sanders, explaining that it’s not so realistic to think that a “political revolution” will sweep the Vermont senator into office and somehow be the “magical instrument of the monumental changes he describes.”

Wenner noted, “Clinton is one of the most qualified candidates for the presidency in modern times.”

He touted her background as first lady, senator and secretary of state and explained that the 2016 version of the “youth vote” is “feeling the Bern.”

“Politics is a rough game, and has been throughout American history. Idealism and honesty are crucial qualities for me, but I also want someone with experience who knows how to fight hard,” Wenner wrote. “Clinton is a tough, thoroughly tested fighter.”

Experience and electability give Clinton the edge for the Rolling Stone boss. “On the question of experience, the ability to enact progressive change, and the issue of who can win the general election and the presidency, the clear and urgent choice is Hillary Clinton,” he concluded.

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