Why Verizon Media’s RYOT Predicts 5G Will Revolutionize Animation

“It’s really going to democratize and allow people to do crazy cool animations without having the institutional knowledge,” Nigel Tierney, head of content at Verizon Media’s RYOT studios, says

Rapper Lil Dicky’s hit music video “Earth” is a call to save the planet — and an example of how new 5G technology stands to revolutionize animation. 

Verizon Media’s RYOT Studio, which partnered with the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation and 3DAR to create the animated music video,  had the daunting task of animating 60 characters in a variety of settings, including the jungle, space and ocean. By traditional standards, the video should have taken a year to finish, but the motion-capture stage located in RYOT’s studio is powered by a 5G node — a small cell tower that allows for ultra-fast wireless data transfers — that allowed the project to be finished in six months.

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