Inside the Breakdown of SAG-AFTRA and Studio Talks – A Threat Leads to a Walkout | Exclusive

Instead of a 1% levy on all streaming revenue, the guild wanted a $1 per subscriber per year fee. The studios balked

(left) Warner Bros. Discovery's David Zaslav, NBCUniversal's Donna Langley, Disney's Bob Iger, Netflix's Ted Sarandos and SAG-AFTRA's Fran Drescher and Duncan Crabtree-Ireland (Credit: Getty Images)
(left) Warner Bros. Discovery's David Zaslav, NBCUniversal's Donna Langley, Disney's Bob Iger, Netflix's Ted Sarandos and SAG-AFTRA's Fran Drescher and Duncan Crabtree-Ireland (Credit: Getty Images)

Sharon Waxman

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It shouldn’t have come to this. After five meetings over 10 days between four of Hollywood’s top CEOs and the leaders of the Screen Actors Guild, it was supposed to be down to the wire for a deal. 

Instead, SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher touched a frayed nerve with the CEOs, principally Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos and Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, according to multiple insiders who spoke to TheWrap. 

The guild had returned to the negotiating room at SAG headquarters in West Hollywood with a new ask: Instead of demanding a 1% levy on all streaming revenue, the guild was demanding a flat $1 per subscriber, per year fee. 

This was an unusual first-dollar revenue share regardless of profit or any individual contributions to the success of any show, much less a company. The money would go to the guild itself rather than individual actors on any show — and the union would decide how to distribute. 

The CEOs had already rejected the idea of revenue sharing in principle as untenable for their business model. But in their view, it was back. 

“On what basis would you do that?” Zaslav pressed. 

Drescher deflected. “Think how much better actors’ lives will be,” she said. 

And she said what the CEOs took to be a threat: that if she did not get this benefit for her members, it would be back to the strike lines for all. SAG-AFTRA has been on the picket lines since the strike began, but the threat seemed to indicate a robust showing along the lines of the vociferous presence of WGA members throughout the summer.

This subscriber proposal made no sense to CEOs Zaslav, Sarandos, Disney CEO Bob Iger and NBCUniversal’s Studio Group chairman Donna Langley. They felt they had already offered significant raises to actors in their negotiations up to that point, and that a flat levy to the guild on their subscription revenue was, as Sarandos later put it, a bridge too far. 

They also worried they’d need to give a similar deal to other guilds, which would cost even more in a portion of the industry – streaming – where most studios are losing money. 

It was an economic model they could not accept. 

After they left the negotiating room, Sarandos called his peers to circle up: the studio heads agreed that they were done talking. 

“We’re not a socialist country,” said an individual on the studio side. “We said, ‘This is crazy.’ It made no sense.” 

TheWrap spoke to insiders on both sides of the negotiating table, and both agreed that the breakdown was over this deal point, even though there had been constructive negotiations between the principals for days that was supposed to lead to what both sides had hoped would be “closeout proposals.” 

It wasn’t to be. 

Negotiations were scheduled for the following day, Thursday, Oct. 12. Instead, within a couple of hours, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the eight companies that represent the major studios, issued a statement that they were suspending talks because the gap between the two sides was “too great” to bridge. 

And in a move that mirrored one that backfired in August in talks with the WGA, the AMPTP released the details of their proposal to SAG-AFTRA to the public. The move was perceived as a gesture aimed at circumventing guild leadership and prompted accusations of bullying. 

In an interview with TheWrap on Thursday, SAG-AFTRA chief negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland said the new proposal that became a sticking point was their attempt to offer something different after the guild realized that the studios were “never ever going to agree to anything that involved attachment to their revenue stream.”

“Our committee did some soul searching and came up with a revised proposal not attached to revenue stream, but attached to viewers and subscribers. I thought it was going to be more palatable to them,” he said, adding that he “fully expected” them to accept the new model.

In their statement issued on Wednesday evening, the studios said the cost of this levy would amount to an additional $800 million a year. Crabtree-Ireland countered that characterization and said the new proposal actually comes to 57 cents per subscriber, not $1, after removing non-SAG shows (like reality and international content) from the equation.

On the studio side, an insider disputed that these nuances were presented in the negotiating room, insisting that the stated fee would be $1 per subscriber per year. 

“They have either intentionally or non-intentionally misconstrued the cost of the proposal,” Crabtree-Ireland said. “I told them how and why [Wednesday] night and they decided to leak that incorrect valuation in their press release. The correct valuation is about $500 million – a little bit less than 57 cents per subscriber per year. Less than a postage stamp per year per subscriber is not that much of an ask.”

Drescher also expressed surprise that the studios cut off negotiations.

“It really came as a shock to me because what does that exactly mean and why would you walk away from the table? It’s not like we’re asking for anything that’s so outrageous,” Drescher said to NBC on Friday. 

A spokesperson for SAG-AFTRA declined further comment on Sunday. 

A spokesperson for the AMPTP declined to comment for this story.   

Either way, the tension between Drescher and the CEOs– much more so, it appears, than with Crabtree-Ireland – inserts a personal element that now needs to be overcome. 

“She’s holding up the whole industry,” said the insider on the studio side. “We left. I don’t know if we’re coming back anytime soon.” 

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76 responses to “Inside the Breakdown of SAG-AFTRA and Studio Talks – A Threat Leads to a Walkout | Exclusive”

  1. BOO Avatar

    I am disgusted with SAG/AFTRA. If they really cared about actors…they would STOP giving advertising gigs to actors/celebrities who have more $$$ than GOD!!! I.E., Serena Williams, George Clooney, Dax Shepard & his wife etc. Why not give the struggling actors a chance? Years ago, a celebrity would NOT be caught dead doing a commercial. Now all they say is “Show me the $$$”…the hell with the little struggling actors!!!

    1. Darryl Wheeler Avatar
      Darryl Wheeler

      You’re Right I’ve Noticed All of The Commercials with well known Actors Now..

      1. Christopher Carroll Avatar
        Christopher Carroll

        First of all,
        to ANYONE !
        What are you talking about ?.

        That’s the purview of Advertising Agencies and the advertisers themselves.
        They’re the ones who decide who should represent their coffee-making machine, George Clooney or… little susie smith.
        Who would sell more product ?

        As a LONG TIME member of the Guild, I’m not always happy with the organization, but I detest people mashing together unrelated issues to make a point.
        Even in post-Trump America
        Honesty is still the best policy.

        1. Wanda Willis Avatar

          Yes, SAGAFTRA does not cast commercials or any film etc.
          We need to stay Union strong and hold the skin of our teeth until they discover they need us to keep their wheels churning and we must be treated fairly.

        2. Common Sense Avatar
          Common Sense

          What the hell does Trump have to do with anything?

          TDS much? Stay on topic if you must include yourself!

          1. Eric Sevigny Avatar
            Eric Sevigny

            The only people who think TDS is a thing are the people who won’t admit they screwed up when they voted for a criminal to be President.

          2. Michelangelo Kowalski Avatar
            Michelangelo Kowalski


        3. Marlene Sajdak Avatar
          Marlene Sajdak

          The kind of honesty coming from the mouth of Biden and the Demonrats whose every other statement is full of their many lies to the American citizens??? Yeah- right😂🤣

        4. Michelangelo Kowalski Avatar
          Michelangelo Kowalski

          What’s the Trump reference about besides a liberal bias. He wasn’t Russian, Russia didn’t change a vote.. how about biden “don’t know son’s business ” 52 lies on the laptop. Paid Chinese money…do better

      2. Christopher Carroll Avatar
        Christopher Carroll

        AAAAALLLLLL the commercials, really ?

        I notice the majority of everyday rank and file like me in commercials.
        I’m more concerned about the number of Union jobs lost to non-union performers.
        They have every right, but I care about the Union.

    2. Know the Past Avatar
      Know the Past

      Years ago all these name actors were doing commercials and ads for the same ridiculous money, but they were doing it overseas where most Americans had no clue. With the internet that came to end so now they do it here. Nothing has changed. You just don’t know the history. Now, focus on the important things such as getting our crews back to work. 

    3. Christopher Carroll Avatar
      Christopher Carroll

      First of all,
      to ANYONE !
      What are you talking about ?.

      That’s the purview of Advertising Agencies and the advertisers themselves.
      They’re the ones who decide who should represent their coffee-making machine, George Clooney or… little susie smith.
      Who would sell more product ?

      As a LONG TIME member of the Guild, I’m not always happy with the organization, but I detest people mashing together unrelated issues to make a point.
      Even in post-Trump America
      Honesty is still the best policy.

    4. Ihateidiots Avatar

      Youre an idiot

    5. Jan Sean Avatar
      Jan Sean

      It’s hard to tell which elite group cares less about the working class of Hollywood being financially devastated by the work stoppage from the strikes, AMPTP, SAG or the WGA? These organizations represent “Above the Line”. That’s the handful people on a produc who take home  50% of the money money in the budget. The rest of us (100 or so) split the other 50% with all the production, shooting, prep and wrap expenses. These are the people fighting over who makes more money while we little people go bankrupt and lose everything. We are bugs to them. Garbage on the floor.

  2. Grant Avatar

    Greed ,greed , greed . Good luck when you make the call “ok it’s back to work Monday” when you have no trailers ,props , costume ,hair n makeup , scaffolders , electricians,carpenters ,set builders etc. You’ve taken your eye off the ball

    1. Gary pledger Avatar
      Gary pledger

      Totally agree I’m a bectu member for 45 years in England this strike is killing us in England as well it’s affecting so many people 

    2. ~ Film Teamster Avatar
      ~ Film Teamster

      Exactly 💯

  3. GWP Avatar

    Really the proposal from a business standpoint is a slippery slope and I understand why it was rejected. However, rejection without a counter proposal is simply childish and amateurish. Fran is constantly “shocked” by who they’ve been dealing with. I’d love to ask, where have you been all this time?
    These CEOs are nothing more than common thugs in expensive suits and have absolutely no business sitting in direct labor negotiations. The longer they are directly involved the longer this drags on.

  4. Frustrated Avatar

    Way to twist the narrative. We all know whose payroll you’re on now. #SAGAFTRASTRONG

  5. You Suck Avatar
    You Suck

    Wow, this truly reads like studio propaganda. Like you’re not even trying! Maybe change some of the verbiage of the talking points they gave you to make it less obvious? Fran Drescher is the head of the union, she didn’t just make that decision – it’s the union. I wondered – who would write such obvious and terribly drivel? Oh, of course, Sharon Waxman, a white woman who deadnamed Transparent creator Joey Soloway and terrorizes her staff.

    1. Propaganda pot calls the Propaganda kettle black Avatar
      Propaganda pot calls the Propaganda kettle black

      Why is it that any article that isn’t slobbering praise of the labor unions is considered “studio propaganda?” I happen to think Sharon has done an exceptional job covering the strikes fairly. She’s been equally tough on both sides when need be. As any reporter should be. And this is a negotiation. So no side is “evil”, and no side is “good.” This is a business deal, it has to make sense for both sides. Studios have historically been stingy with sharing profits. Duh. Not surprising. Thats how it’s always been. But IMO, Drescher is out of her depths with this latest ask. Guaranteed that most SAG members don’t care about it. So, drop it and compromise: raise residuals even more, and/or get more salary and be done with it. Close this deal.

      1. Sharon Waxman Avatar
        Sharon Waxman

        Thanks for the compliment, appreciate very much. We are working hard to serve the community, and report fairly to both sides of this horrific strike. SW

        1. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Hires You Avatar
          You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Hires You

          Hello Sharon,

          If SAG-AFTRA gets what it wants from Netflix ( an increase in residuals ), what’s going to stop Netflix from decreasing the percentage of SAG-AFTRA shows to get around paying those residuals in the not too distant future?

          Netflix has the freedom to drop SAG-AFTRA productions and replace them with productions that aren’t SAG-AFTRA whenever Netflix wants.

          43% is a testimonial to what can be done without SAG-AFTRA.

          It is cause for alarm.

          This time next year the percentage of productions that aren’t SAG-AFTRA could be over 50%.

          In three years time ( when the next SAG-AFTRA contract is going to be negotiated ) the percentage may be over 60%.

          An increase in the percentage of movies and tv shows that aren’t SAG-AFTRA productions will reduce the amount of work that SAG-AFTRA union members will be able to get.

          More today ( in terms of residuals ) could mean a lot less tomorrow ( in terms of work ) for SAG-AFTRA union members.

          In a very real sense, SAG-AFTRA could end up pricing a significant portion of their membership out of business.

          Has anybody on SAG-AFTRA’s negotiating team brought up a way to prevent that from happening?

          Thanks for your hard work. I look forward to reading your response.

      2. Rafael Ortiz-Guzman Avatar
        Rafael Ortiz-Guzman

        And why would the “.57 cents ( 500 million) go to sag and not the actors?

    2. Sharon Waxman Avatar
      Sharon Waxman

      Please keep your comments civil. We have just restored comments on the site in the belief  that our readers want to discuss and debate, not attack. For the record, we never deadnamed Joey Soloway, ever. Joey was the subject of our magazine coverage when “Transparent” was on the air and Jill was the name they went by. SW

    3. boris.mcclain Avatar

      Deadnamed. Like that is something that actually matters.

    4. Michelangelo Kowalski Avatar
      Michelangelo Kowalski

      Racist much

  6. IWrite Avatar

    Duncan Crabtree Ireland is full of sh**! He didn’t just realize amptp was “never ever going to agree to anything that involved attachment to their revenue stream.”
    Sag aftra leadership sold out the membership contractually long time ago because of that!. They didn’t even try to fight for the membership. The Wrap should go on to the website and read their tv and film contracts. Its pathetic. Now he’s trying to save face and thinks he can make up for it.. Amptp just gave them the middle finger. And members re elected fran drescher??🙄 Sag aftra is doomed. I feel bad for the membership but its partly their fault too for just taking it. They should strike the guild.

  7. David E Gothard Avatar
    David E Gothard

    I’m a teamster in Chicago I work for the television show Chicago fire pretty soon I won’t have health insurance and won’t be able to make my car and mortgage payment please get this done soon for everyone please

    1. Jones Avatar

      Feeling your pain!! Same pain here in NY. Teamsters are losing everything. Please please, for the love of God, let’s get back to work!

      1. Ned Avatar

        Don’t you guys go out in June?  Will you for the love of God settle for us then?

      2. Barry Avatar

        I’m a teamster in Atlanta. Get this s*** done!! It’s been too long!!!

    2. Captain Canuck Avatar
      Captain Canuck

      The fact that Americans need health insurance and Kickstarter campaigns for health services is so sad. Here in Canada, my life-saving surgery would have cost me $45,000 in the USA. I paid nothing here because we believe universal health care is a right.

      1. Jim Shoe Avatar
        Jim Shoe

        LOL Canadians. We also have Medicare..and it sucks as you well know. We also know that 2 out of 3 Canadians have private health insurance to supplement the Medicare façade. We have pretty much the same in the US. I know this won’t have any bearing on the next time you try to insinuate that your terribly run country is better than ours, but maybe try not to sound quite as “special” next time.

        1. Marlene Sajdak Avatar
          Marlene Sajdak

          I know many Canadians that ave said it takes a really long time to even get taken care of or to have a much needed procedure even scheduled without having to wait a long time due to their health coverage in Canada. Many just come to the US and have their procedures done here!

  8. Toby Robbins Avatar
    Toby Robbins

    Does SAG realize that if they let this drag on much longer, they risk coming back to no movie theaters at all. I am sorry, this was no time for a strike (so soon after the pandemic). They should have signed a temp extension until the industry was on better footing and striked later.

    And just when people were coming back to the theaters as well. If they want to kill their own industry, they are well on their way.

    1. Milton Matlzman Avatar
      Milton Matlzman

      Correct! You’ve said what too many of us in industry have been thinking.

    2. Rafael Ortiz-Guzman Avatar
      Rafael Ortiz-Guzman

      Forward  this to Fran. She needs to come to terms

  9. Stephen David Fenny Avatar
    Stephen David Fenny

    There is around 85%  of the uk film industry sitting at home wondering how there going to cover there mortgages, for the industry get this sorted now or there won’t be any industry in the uk !

  10. Dylan matthews Avatar
    Dylan matthews

    Good for the studios. Sag’s proposal is ridiculous and they will never get it. Sag desperately needs a new lead negotiator to replace that moronic Crabtree-Ireland. 

  11. IAN GONSALVES Avatar

    I am a member of IATSE and have been living off my line of credit and credit cards , this needs to end ASAP or many people will lose everything they have work for . It’s becoming mentally hard for some of us to deal with and will cause mental health issues for many. 

    1. Family member Avatar
      Family member

      Louisiana IATSE are also suffering, we all are.  It’s sad when you have to dip into retirement account if your lucky to have any just to pay basic necessities.  All of the production workers are working other jobs,in other deals of work  just to have a minimum income. The rate things are going no one will be left, and the ones left will be suffering from mental health problems, possibly homeless 
       In the business to go back, if and when strikes are over for fear of this happening every few years.  You work all your life to find a stable consistent job with a good salary and benefits ,only to save what you can for the down time, to have it depleted .. but the past few years have been tough between Covid restrictions and shut down, returning with much smaller crews and crazy restrictions, then the strikes, and once they resolve that . It will be time for some IATSE unions to negotiate there contracts/requirements so even more devastating situations.  Please figure it out and as others have stated let’s put this on hold so we can get everyone back to work and rebuild our lives and economy!

  12. Studio Heads Suck Avatar
    Studio Heads Suck

    “We’re not a socialist country,” said an individual on the studio side.

    How much in tax credits do you think this studio got back from states they filmed in? Socialism is good when it affects their bottom line, but not when it hurts. Absolutely disgusting.

    1. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Hires You Avatar
      You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Hires You

      They aren’t doing business in any of the states that they film in for the sake of the socialists in those states. The tax credits are to entice them to film their productions in those states. Business is business. They didn’t get what they’ve got by giving it away.

  13. Embarrassed SAG-AFTRA Member Avatar
    Embarrassed SAG-AFTRA Member

    Get rid of Duncan and Fran, what are they even doing? They want the guild to be paid directly by the studios and then the union will decide how to pay out members? Are they for real? No wonder the studios walked. Give me a break!

    1. Ann Charisse James Avatar
      Ann Charisse James

      This part. I hope that didn’t just slide by everyone. Tf.

  14. Heather Avatar

    This clearly needs mediation.  
    Where is the Governor we in this?! $5B+ and counting, bankruptcies are coming along with the liquidation of kits as possible.  This is destroying this industry.  The asks of SAG are over the top, any support for them dying, dying along with the basic needs of many thousands of families.   
    Where is the mediation!  They clearly are not able to get this done on their own!!!
    Please all interested parties email the governor’s office to demand mediation to save what is left of the film industry and its support networks.  
    Contrary to how actors have been trained by Hollywood to be total narcissists, it’s definitely NOT all about them.  

    1. WH Avatar

      Yes! Where is Newsome?! Oh, yeah…running for 2028 President. 

  15. Kyle Avatar

    We are not on strike but stand in solidarity with SAG-AFTRA. But we cant go back due to this issue. What ever happened to negotiating 24-7 until.a deal is done? #Getthedealdone

  16. Big Bopper Avatar
    Big Bopper

    SAG-Aftra Strong. This is class warfare. These people are soooooooo rich and give nothing. Fight for a future.

    1. Mark Avatar

      The closet communist talk isn’t helpful nor fashionable anymore.

  17. Eddie Santiago Avatar
    Eddie Santiago

    I am a long time working stiff. My parents wanted me to be a lawyer,my Godparents wanted me to join the NYPD. I wanted to be a Chef,and then play Cops on TV. After many years and a horrible divorce I cam home gave up cooking,and joined the ranks of the unsung-nonunion background actor. I like everyone else started with numbers that today I dont believe happened. Number 590, 800, day night,overnight.
    I could not get a Taft-Harley voucher in NYC to save my life. I finally got all of my Vouchers,not in NYC but in Boston. I was then a victim of not being able to pay the 3400. I finally paid it,and joined SAGAFTRA.
    I was no longer number 26 to 999. I had paid my dues and was on my way. That was right before Covid, while people where dying all around I made 5900 that year,only worked very little for the next 2 years, finally started to see some money, went from not working to working everyday. Then this Strike hit. Im tired of everyone saying that this is Day 95 of our strike. The minute that the WGA went out, I lost all of my bookings. I have maxxed out all of my cards,pawned my jewery,and at times I dont even have money for a beer,or carfare. But yet I tough it out. The days are getting shorter,and the cold is here. I will Stand by SAGAFTRA,but you need to get this done. I dont have more than one home. I dont make $20,000 a week.
    All I want to do is be an Actor. I also would love for this to be over. But im in it to win it. But I will say this.
    This had better be over by Mothers day. Because Brother if it is not. The AMPPT Have no idea what heck is going to befall them when Mothers dont get Flowers. Just saying.

    1. boris Avatar

      “All I want to do is be an Actor. ” Imagine that being said by Clayface on Harley Quinn. Oh the drama!

    2. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Hires You Avatar
      You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Hires You

      Golly, Eddie. Your personal preamble has got me kind of hoping that the strike goes on beyond Mothers day. Are you boiling your socks to make soup yet? I want to see what the heck will befall the AMPPT if Mothers don’t get flowers. Just wondering.

  18. Ray MacDonald Avatar
    Ray MacDonald

    So why didn’t the studios come back with $0.50/subscriber? or increase the 1% originally offered to 2%?? Negotiations are a give and take sum, and honestly, if you are going into any negotiation reasonably, you NEED to be willing to lose a little to gain a lot. That’s kinda the whole point.

    1. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Hires You Avatar
      You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Hires You

      For the same reason that a spouse wouldn’t pay their ex a single penny in alimony in a divorce settlement. If the ex receives a single penny the amount can be revisited later and increased by a different judge who will be reviewing the amount that’s being paid out in alimony.

      Allowing the ex to put their foot in the door would encourage the ex to shove the door open because it sends a mixed message.
      A door that has been slammed shut would send the ex a clear message that alimony wasn’t negotiable.

      The studios may have compromised in other areas of the negotiations, but that doesn’t mean that they have to compromise in every area of the negotiations.

      What you consider ‘a little’ could represent a lot to them in the long run.

  19. Tommy L Avatar
    Tommy L

    We the crewmembers are tired of being the sacrificial lambs for actors who are asking for way too much. They already make more than most of the crew members and the crew members work 10 times harder and deserve much more but we won’t get it. Neither should actors.

  20. Reality Check Avatar
    Reality Check

    This is not an attack, but a REALITY — Fran D. is not equipped to negotiate with studio execs. There is a reason WHY Actors have Agents, and this is EXACTLY IT. These are ‘bottom line’ greedy CEO’s, and the only way this ends is to get a level-headed experienced negotiator in there to make a deal.

  21. Captain Canuck Avatar
    Captain Canuck

    Let me get this straight. They want to tax subscribers to pay actors? WTF is wrong with USA? Absolutely clueless.

    1. GL Avatar

      Speaking of clueless- theyre not suggesting any additional taxing of a subscriber. They’re asking to get the first dollar the subscriber is already paying sent to SAG-AFTRA as a revenue share. Now, the studios will turn around and jack the subscription price up, but thats not the Union’s fault. The studios will just file it under Capitalism and sleep like a baby.

      1. Cyrus Avatar

        This is simply an opportunity for a power grab by SAG-AFTRA. For a union to start taxing the whole industry and then deciding how to distribute the money is an outrageous ask. They want to take the role of the Government.

  22. M Avatar

    Crew is hurting. We’ve been out of work for 6+ months.  Just get back to the negotiating table. 

    1. Mark Basnight Avatar
      Mark Basnight

      This is what happens when an actor is running negotiations against industry financial experts. It’s amateur hour. Would the union please consult with someone who understands the financials beyond: “What are you gonna pay me?”

  23. Peter Graovac Avatar
    Peter Graovac

    What they need to know. Coming from the horses mouth. 
    One of the biggest facilities companies in the UK can only last out until end of November. 
    And they service 20 huge films at any one time. 
    When you do decide to go back lets hope there still going. 
    Because if not you wont be able to make the films without them. 
    Come on guys, grow some balls. 

  24. AG Avatar

    Bunch of crybabies. We the tradesmen are all sick or the crybaby wga now the big rich moron sag aftra bitches. What happen Fran in the beginning you said you guys were close to a deal and very happy with the progress until your big shot spoiled bitch actors made you strike to act like a hero for the wga. Morons. 

  25. Tommy Wilson Avatar
    Tommy Wilson

    I’m a part owner of a prop house in Atlanta. We’re in bankruptcy. If a deal isn’t made soon there won’t be an industry to come back to.Drescher is a multimillionaire. She doesn’t have to work for the rest of her life. No concept of late car payments and living off credit cards. 

  26. Grant Avatar

    Keep in mind everyone, whatever is agreed to with this deal, sets the stage for other unions to ask the same, in years to come. Subscriber revenue sharing is not realistic when you think about not $1 or 0.50 going to actors, eventually every union will then have this same ask. This is what is not do-able from the Producers side. Imagine every union asking for 0,50 – $1 from every subscriber? Imagine singers asking Apple to pay for every subscriber instead of what their independent music earned. Give your head a shake Fran-Tree!

    1. Indyproducer1 Avatar

      Dead on. And she is clearly bad at math. She thought $1 was less than 1%? 1% would be if the streamer charged $100. They’re asking for waaaay too much and they shouldn’t be asking for anything other than a good paycheck and wow sure, even residuals. Also, with most of sag not qualifying for benefits, what actors lives does she propose this will improve by paying this to sag? A select few who don’t need the money. Not only is this bad math, this is simply a clear effort to shut down an industry. And yes, everything you said, there are more unions to follow, this would never work….

      So let’s call a spade a spade- anyone shutting down work right now and interrupting an industry is part of a larger agenda. The miramax exec saying the “new world order will have smaller budgets” in light of these break downs and this tells me who is claiming this event – the usual suspects. It’s too bad the actors won’t realize that sag isn’t really on their side until it’s too late for the industry as we knew it…

  27. Cappy Avatar

    Instead of paying monthly dues to the union, actors should pay a percentage of salary to the guild that would be divided equally among the members yearly. Seems fair.

  28. Trevor Avatar

    Actors get picked up every morning, have ad’s running around after them all day get fed when they like , get taken home at the end of the day, behind the scenes dont get this treatment and we don’t complain, every u.k crew worker loves their job and we are getting crippled beyond words, all because of a failed actress

  29. Leonard Hepfer Avatar
    Leonard Hepfer

    I think actors make too much money anyway I can’t afford keep up with all the streaming and stuff but they blow money its water

  30. anon Avatar

    The AMPTP is going to have to come up with a way to profit share with the people who create their product. This is not a coal mine or a widget factory, the people voting on this contract do not pay their bills with pay from this job, and can afford to go a year or more waiting. There is currently nothing worth watching at the movies, except barbie, because of the covid shutdowns three years ago. They are going to lose all their subscribers if they dont get back to making their products soon.

  31. Mickey Avatar

    What a mess 🙏🏼 Help 

  32. Heather Avatar

    Fran Drescher is SAG-AFTRA’s worst enemy. Get her out of there and get a real negotiator in who knows what they’re doing so that a beneficial deal can be made for all. She’s clueless.

    1. Jan Sean Avatar
      Jan Sean

      I have to agree. SAG isn’t taking entertainment attorney advisors or AI tech experts to negotiations. Fran Drescher has no knowledge or training in either area. Our family’s livelihood is dependent on wether she perceives “disrespect”.

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