Why Searching for Avril Lavigne and Beyonce Could Destroy Your Computer

Lavigne is the number one female pop star… at filling your computer with viruses

Avril, why do you have to go and make cybersecurity so complicated?

At a lithe 5’2″, former pop-punk icon Avril Lavigne may appear harmless, but there’s a good chance she can knockout your computer with one ill-advised search.

The “Sk8er Boi” singer was just dubbed the “most dangerous celebrity” on the internet by cybersecurity firm McAfee (remember those annoying security updates on your PC?); Lavigne supplanted 2016 “winner” Amy Schumer as the celeb most likely to bog down your computer, with 14.5 percent of her internet searches leading to sites with malware or viruses.

And for those still shunning Apple Music and Spotify, searching for Lavigne became even more dicey, with 22 percent of MP3 searches threatening to have viruses.

Lavigne easily lapped more current female stars on the danger scale, with Carly Rae Jepsen coming in at No. 3, Celine Dion at No. 5, Katy Perry at No. 9, and Beyonce barely making the list at No. 10. Bruno Mars was the second most likely celeb to get your computer in hot water this year.

Despite not releasing an album since 2013, McAfee pointed to a few reasons the 32-year-old Canadian performer has seen an increase in toxic web searches. She was at the center of an internet death conspiracy last year (she’s alive), and rumors have been swirling about her dropping an album in the near future.

If you’re constantly typing her name into Google waiting for news on the album, be sure to get your computer checked out.