Why Sherri Shephard Will Watch Trump’s Inauguration: ‘I’m Very Scared’

Former “View” host tells TheWrap she has faith: “We love our country and nothing has brought us down”

Sherri Shepherd, The View
Getty Images

Many celebrities who oppose Donald Trump say they won’t even watch Donald Trump’s inauguration — but former “View” host Sherri Shepherd isn’t one of them.

“I’m very scared, being a black woman and having a black boy. It’s very scary,” she told TheWrap. “But I’ve taught my son — he was praying the other day and he was like, ‘Oh God! Lord please bless the President-elect! I gotta say it.’ But that’s what I’m teaching him.”

Despite her worries, Shepherd is hoping for the best.

“We have to respect who is taking office and I am having a great deal of faith. We are survivors in America. We love our country and nothing has brought us down. This is not going to either,” she said.

Shepherd spoke to TheWrap at the Television Critics Association press tour, where she is promoting her new NBC legal satire, “Trial & Error.”

She said that on Saturday, the day after Trump’s inauguration, she will proudly take part in a Women’s March being held in Los Angeles.

It will be one of several marches across the country held in unity with the massive Women’s March being planned in Washington, D.C.

“I’m gonna be there! I got my flats and my heels,” she said.