Why ‘Silicon Valley’ Star Thomas Middleditch Hopes His Character Keeps Barfing (Exclusive Video)

Actor talks to TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell about playing a perpetual puker on HBO’s hit comedy

Thomas Middleditch, who plays former tech CEO — and stress vomiter — Richard Hendricks on HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” is used to throwing up. A lot.

But when he was asked by TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell whether or not his character would still be tossing his cookies in the coming season, Middleditch revealed that he actually misses his character perpetually puking.

“It was delicious,” Middleditch said of the fake vomit that the show’s producers made out of a Naked smoothie and some banana. “I would eat my own barf all the time.”

The show — which just wrapped its third season and has been renewed for another, in 2017, on HBO — has been applauded by Silicon Valley tech workers for authentically portraying the start-up culture in California.

“Even though we’re setting it up a little bit, we are representing a group of people that currently work and do things in real life, and we want to make sure they’re serviced,” Middleditch said.

But aside from accurate jargon, Middleditch said that his hoodie uniform only added to the authenticity of the show.

“That’s my chill suit, that’s my war suit, that’s my suit of armor, that hoodie dude,” he said. “I’m shootin’ gigabytes brah.”

Watch the video above.