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Why Trevor Noah Sees Some of Himself in Trump (Video)

”He knows how to broach a topic in a way that no one normally can,“ ”Daily Show“ host tells CNN’s Van Jones

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah feels he has a lot in common with President Trump.

“When I see Trump, I see a standup comedian,” Noah said during a Wednesday appearance on CNN’s “The Messy Truth” with Van Jones.

“He connects with audiences in the same way. He knows how to make you laugh in a moment when you didn’t think you would,” Noah said. “He knows how to broach a topic in a way that no one normally can.”

Eventually, an audience member asked Noah: “Why do the Hollywood elite think that their opinions matter on the issue of politics, and that they represent the American people?”

The comedian responded: “I think the question you should ask, maybe, should be framed the other way: ‘Why have the American people given the Hollywood elites the impression for so long that they look to them to shape and give their opinions on their behalf?'”

Noah continued: “We can’t deny that we live in a country where, if you are a celebrity, people are looking to you for those opinions. People report on it every day: ‘This celebrity said this about Trump; this celebrity said that.’

“Some people are idiots, whether a celebrity or not. People have to understand that.”





Check out the video above.