Why Watch Conan on TV? Full ’60’ Interview Here

CBS to west coast affiliates: Drop dead

Here’s the full video of Sunday’s "60 Minutes" interview with Conan O’Brien.

Fitting that, in a story in which affiliates have often been cited as key, CBS News chose to deliver a giant "screw you" to affiliates by posting the full video of tonight’s chat before it had even aired on the west coast.

So all those young viewers who might have been inclined to actually check out "60 Minutes" for, like, the first time ever on TV? They can just watch online, for free — completely bypassing those lame-o local affiliates.

Heck, "60 Minutes" even tweeted the word that the full video was online. (And yes, while it’s true some fans on the east coast had already posted bootleg versions of the video online, making an official version available early just makes it all the more likely some folks will just skip the broadcast version of the interview.)

More proof that, no matter what the networks say, affiliates these day have zero pull.

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