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Why ‘Wayward Sisters’ Spinoff Died: ‘Supernatural’ ‘May Be Jared and Jensen,’ CW Boss Says

TCA 2018: ”And there may not be a franchise beyond that,“ network chief Mike Pedowitz says

Sorry “Supernatural” fam, but saving “Wayward Sisters” doesn’t look like a possibility, as The CW president Mike Pedowitz is “concerned” the franchise may not exist beyond stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

“We were very happy with the women who were in the ‘Wayward Sisters’ spinoff,” Pedowitz said during the Television Critics Association press tour on Monday when asked why the network passed on the female-driven series this pilot season while stacking their deck for their expanded seven-night primetime lineup.

“We had only a certain number of slots this year, so it just didn’t get there,” he continued. “If it’s a good idea and they want to go forward with [it], we’re open to listen. It is a great franchise. I am concerned, to be quite candid with your question, ‘Supernatural’ may be Jared and Jensen — and there may not be a franchise beyond that.”

“Wayward Sisters” is The CW’s most recent — and now maybe last — attempt to spinoff “Supernatural.” They previously tried a backdoor pilot spinoff in 2014 titled “Supernatural: Bloodlines.”

The question of why the younger-skewing network did not order the “Wayward Sisters” spinoff pilot to series came about after the standard — but at this point unnecessary — “Will there be more ‘Supernatural’?”

In case you were wondering, Pedowitz let another reporter field that one for him with, “They’ll do the show while the boys still want to do it,” following up with, “That’s correct.”