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‘The World’s Best’ Producers on Why Their Show Definitely, Definitely Isn’t ‘America’s Got Talent’

TCA 2019: For starters, it’s the world

New reality competition show “The World’s Best” is totally not just CBS’ version of “America’s Got Talent,” producers said on Wednesday. For starters, this one showcases talent from around the globe and NOT just a specific country, right?

“While the talent is going to be the best in the world and similar to ‘Got Talent’ in some ways, the whole format is completely different — and that’s the biggest change,” Mike Darnell said at the Television Critics Association press tour.

He was referring to the show’s international judges playing a big role from their voting pods, which readers can get a good visual of from the just-released trailer.

Earlier during the Pasadena panel, seemingly in preparation for the obvious comparison to come, the veteran reality producer turned the tables a bit on his friends at similar shows.

Darnell called NBC’s currently airing “AGT” spinoff “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” a “direct shot at us.”

“That’s OK,” he continued. “We’re ready for the challenge.”

But back to the glaring differences between the two talent shows. Fellow “World’s Best” executive producer Alison Holloway pointed out that their show will feature acts that have not performed on “AGT” — or anywhere else on television. She also called both the stage and judges (RuPaul Charles, Drew Barrymore and Faith Hill make up the American panel) on their show “tremendous.”

“The thing that makes us different is our global identity,” Holloway told TV critics, adding that the aforementioned Wall of the World “gives a very unique voice to what we’re bringing to the table.”

It is an impressive set.

Another executive producer, Ben Winston, questioned if critics would also ask about similarities to existing programming when a new late-night show, soap opera, or police procedural is launched. We do.

Speaking of late-night, Winston said his business partner and the “World’s Best” host, James Corden, is the other X factor (pun kind of intended) in this series. Welcome to primetime bud.

“The World’s Best” debuts Sunday after CBS’ Super Bowl LIII — the primo TV time slot of the year.