‘Wife Swap’ Revival Moves From CMT to Paramount Network Ahead of Premiere

Keith Cox pushed to keep the series in his network group after restructure last fall moved CMT under Chris McCarthy’s purview

The revival of “Wife Swap” is swapping networks ahead of its return.

Instead of CMT, where it was supposed to air beginning in February, the reboot of the reality series is moving to Paramount Network.

The move comes less than 5 months after Viacom restructured its network groups, during which time Paramount Network Kevin Kay left the company. Viacom streamlined its brand groups from five to four, putting Comedy Central, Paramount Network and TV Land under Comedy Central president Kent Alterman, with MTV chief Chris McCarthy gaining oversight of CMT.

Keith Cox, president of development of Paramount Network and TV Land, who developed “Wife Swap” for CMT, pushed to keep it with him at Paramount Network after CMT moved out of their network group. The series will debut on the Paramount Network Thursday, April 4. You can watch a trailer for the revival above.

The series sees two families from different walks of life switch spouses for two weeks, at first forced to adhere to rules and lifestyle of their new families, only to later establish their own rules. “Wife Swap” first ran on ABC between 2004 and 2010, and was briefly revived in 2013. A celebrity edition ran for four seasons, going off the air in 2015.

The show is produced by Banijay Studios North America with David Goldberg and Caroline Baumgard serving as executive producers.