Wikileaks Exposes Jimmy Kimmel Has Been Banned From Hometown Buffet (Video)

Late-night host’s private emails get exposed in front of live audience

Wikileaks has been the source of incredible controversy for years, and Tuesday they set their sights on a new target: Jimmy Kimmel.

OK, not really. But Kimmel did feature a segment on his ABC late-night series in which the group commandeered his show in retaliation for several jokes at their expense. They got their revenge on Kimmel by releasing his private emails in front of his audience.

Wikileaks released one particularly damning email exchange between Kimmel and the manager of a Hometown Buffet, whom Kimmel berated for the restaurant’s Anaheim location being out of breadcrumbs for the mac n cheese.

The reply from the manager followed, in which he informed Kimmel he was banned from all Hometown Buffets after throwing food at other patrons when he discovered there were no breadcrumbs to be found.

Wikileaks has returned to the top of the news cycle thanks to their release of thousands of emails related to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Most recently, the group released portions of speeches Hillary Clinton made to Wall Street brokers in closed door meetings, as well as emails from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

The Clinton campaign has condemned the leaks, saying that the emails were provided to Wikileaks by Russian hackers.

Watch the video above.