Will Disney Buy Another Marvel or Pixar?

Disney CEO Bob Iger says there's not another great opportunity out there at the moment

Iron Man, Nemo and Yoda might be enough for Disney, as CEO Bob Iger told analysts on Tuesday that the company was not looking to purchase another major media company in the near future.

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"If you’re asking me today as we look ahead at whether there's a Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel on the horizon, I'd say not likely," Iger (left) said during the company's earnings call. 

Splashy acquisitions have been a defining trait of Iger's tenure sitting on the Disney throne. He acquired Pixar in his first year on the job, convincing Steve Jobs that Disney could help the animation studio.

He acquired Marvel Entertainment three years later, bringing "The Avengers" inside the Disney family. The move paid off handsomely again this summer with "Iron Man 3" on track to gross more than $1 billion worldwide.

Iger acquired Lucasfilm last year, awarding Disney the right to make all future "Star Wars" films. The first one should arrive in 2015.

All of those acquisitions have acquitted Disney well with the company's share price hitting all-time highs. So is Iger really done buying?

"We just don't see it," Iger said of a major acquisition. "It doesn’t mean one isn't going to crop up."