Will Ferrell, Christina Aguilera Squeeze Into Tight Pants With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

The Grammys were nothing compared to this “Tonight Show” skit

After music fans had been glued to the Grammys on CBS Monday night, Jimmy Fallon hosted a musical performance of a very different nature.

While he didn’t have Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga on “The Tonight Show,” the late-night host boasted Will Ferrell and Christina Aguilera — in very tight pants.

Performing a catchy little ditty titled — what else? — “Tight Pants,” the trio grooved its way across the stage in skin-tight white trousers.

Complete with bowl haircuts and colorful sweaters, the dance-off dissolved into a bizarre love triangle with Fallon and Ferrell arguing over who was the father of Aguilera’s baby.

“The Tonight Show” airs 11:35 p.m. on NBC.