Will Ferrell Dons a Straw Bonnet and Blue Dress to Sell Little Debbie Cakes on ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

The “Get Hard” actor’s latest gig is promoting the classic sweet cakes

Last Updated: March 19, 2015 @ 10:17 AM

Will Ferrell plays a millionaire hedge fund manager heading to prison in new comedy “Get Hard,” but his latest gig is selling cakes — if his “Tonight Show” interview is to be believed.

The comedian donned a straw bonnet, apron and blue dress when he dropped in to chat with Jimmy  Fallon on Wednesday night.

“I have to wear it, I am the new face of Little Debbie snack cakes,” Ferrell said. “Lets be honest Jim, I am not the Hollywood hunk I once was — I’ve got a mouth to feed.”

Ferrell then turned to pitch the “Tonight Show” audience and asked: “Do you like snacks? Do you cakes? Do you like snack cakes? I thought so,” he said, before going “Oprah” on the them and announcing, “tonight everyone in the audience has the opportunity to go out and buy some Little Debbie snack cakes — you can buy one, and you can buy one.”

“They could always do that,” a perplexed Fallon pointed out.

Ferrell then revealed that among his many skills is that he can tell the difference between a Little Debbie snack and a baked potato, and went on to nail the test by identifying a zebra cake.

He later roped Jimmy Fallon “aka America’s little angel” into flogging the sweet delights as well in a Little Debbie mock promo. “There’s nothing I love more than sliding a chocolate roll into my mouth,” said the NBC late-night host.

Watch the video here.