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Will Ferrell Eats Ant-Filled Yogurt to Avoid Naming His Worst Movie (Video)

And then he goes back for seconds

Will Ferrell did not spill his guts on Thursday’s “Late Late Show” episode, but James Corden sure did — all into a spittoon bucket.

The “Holmes & Watson” star played some “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” on the CBS (late) late-night program, and he ate everything in front of him — and then some.

“I love that there’s two, in case I really love the first one,” Ferrell joked of the smorgasbord setup.

For starters, Ferrell downed a raw claw shooter with Vienna sausage juice to avoid naming the “most difficult” “SNL” host during his tenure.

Next course was ant yogurt, which he gobbled down to avoid naming his least-favorite Will Ferrell movies. Corden got that very same question next, but he was presented with a different delicacy.

“You’ve got to understand — this a turkey’s balls,” Corden said.

“It’s OK, I’ll never come on your show again,” Ferrell countered.

So Corden tries to eat it and then pukes. He had already spit up the giant water scorpion.

“Stuff like squirts out in your mouth, and you know what that stuff is,” Corden explained of the fowl’s nuts.

Lastly, Ferrell spoons out a fish eye to (probably) avoid hurting Mel Gibson’s feelings. You’ll see what we mean.

Watch the video above.

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