Will Ferrell Debuts on ‘The Office’: Our Favorite Moment

As new manager Deangelo Vickers, the “Old School” star crushed it on Thursday night’s otherwise middling episode

Will Ferrell made his debut on "The Office" Thursday night and we have only one thing to say: Deangelo Vickers > Michael Scott.

Okay, we have a little more to say than that, and it's a bit early to make the claim that Will Ferrell's man-child character is funnier than Steve Carell's. Suffice to say that, after watching last night's episode, we are very happy that we will have Will Ferrell to kick around for a few weeks.

As fill-in manager Deangelo Vickers, Ferrell got to do and say many funny things, much of which we assume was improvised. The episode — not one of the series' best (you can watch it in its entirety on Hulu for yourself) — earned NBC a tasty 3.9/10 rating. It held few other surprises than the random stuff that came out of Ferrell's mouth. 

But that hardly mattered. 

"I had to miss the O.J. verdict," he said at one point, apropos of nothing. "I had to read about it in the paper like an idiot."

"I saw a hawk today," Vickers added elsewhere, while getting a shave from a barber he found via Yelp. "Just sitting right there on the overpass, looking at me."

But just as Ferrell eclipses Steve Carell in stature by more than a few inches, so did one Deangelo quote stand taller than the rest.

The quote? "Everyone I know who skis is dead." Here's the clip: