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Will Ferrell Previews Upcoming Fall ‘Funny or Die’ Originals (Video)

The lineup includes cameos by Val Kilmer, Tony Hale, Julianne Hough, Christopher Meloni and more

Funny Or Die "Leader" Will Ferrell teased the website's upcoming fall slate of new videos on Wednesday, and he is excited for the lineup — or perhaps he's just enthused that his contractual obligation to appear in one video per year has been checked off.

Either way, it's easy for you, dear consumer, to be excited to see Mila Jovovich starring in "Tetris: Revolution," or Val Kilmer as a crack-cocaine smoking novelist in "Twaining Day?"

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And then there's Funny Or Die's first foray into serious drama, "Fart Mountain." OK, so maybe it wasn't that serious.

At one point in the clip, after David Spade debuts as "Benjamin Butt-hands," Ferrell breaks off into a bout of seemingly genuine laughter.

We don't even want to tell you what the "Jerkquake" preview consists of. All right, yes we do, but you should just see for yourself. 

Watch the video. Perhaps not at work though: