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Watch Will Forte Get That Epic ‘Last Man on Earth’ Haircut (Exclusive Video)

Jason Sudeikis joins onscreen brother to discuss ridiculous new ‘do

Will Forte is half the man he used to be — hair-wise, that is.

And now you can see just how he got the way for an elaborate joke on his Fox comedy “Last Man on Earth” that aired last night.

In an exclusive video, Forte revealed how he allowed the entire right side of his face to be shaved last winter by former “SNL” co-star Jason Sudeikis, who played his prankster of a brother.

“The only thing that was any hesitation was the eyebrow,” Forte said in the video.

“It’s like Jekyll & Hyde all in one,” Sudeikis added. “It’s almost like some form of modern art.”

The whole thing gag made for a very funny moment on the show — and indicated the level of commitment of Forte, who rocked the crazy ‘do at both the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour Fox party and the Critics Choice Awards.

Watch the video of the epic haircut — as well as discussions surrounding the bold move in the video above.