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Will Forte’s Ridiculous ‘Last Man on Earth’ Hair Was Even Worse Than You Thought (Video)

There are no pros

As fans of the prematurely canceled Fox comedy “Last Man on Earth” know, creator/star Will Forte was so deeply committed to his show that he let many a weird thing become of his/Tandy’s hair in service of the plot over the series’ four-season run.

Of course that meant that he actually had to sport some of these ridiculous hairstyles in his every day life, including the full-long-hair, full-long-beard look — and the much more insane half-shaved head-and-beard combo.

On Thursday’s “Late Late Show,” the comedian broke down the pluses and minuses of these ‘dos for host James Corden. (Spoiler alert: there really are no pros here.)

First up: the full-hair, full-beard look.

“The plus of this is warmth, for sure. It’s very, very warm,” Forte said. “That’s the only plus. I mean there’s no other plus besides that. The negatives are many. First of all, you get– if that mustache part gets too long, then any time you take a bite of a sandwich or a burrito your teeth pull down on the mustache and it’s like your constantly doing that,” he said, miming how he had to chew in such an awkward way.

“You really wanna keep that upper part trim,” he added. “Also, there’s just food all over that thing. In every part of that hair there is just food from many months previous.”

OK, next: the half-shaved head-and-beard combo that Tandy rocked on “Last Man on Earth,” a look Forte had to actually shave half of his entire head to achieve.

“Well the plus is gorgeousness,” he said. “You know what, it’s very interesting, you can eat easier ’cause you got a little opening over there.”

When Corden pointed out he’d seen Forte at parties from one side and then the other and thought the difference was wild, Forte said: “Well that leads great to the negative: People think you’re crazy. I would walk down streets and would see people blocks away cross the street.”

Then we come to a recent look of Forte’s that can only be described as “The Dr. Phil.”

“The positive is I can get into different functions as Dr. Phil,” Forte said. “I mean, I am a legitimate doppelgänger for Dr. Phil.”

The actor says this is also the negative though, as “not everybody is a Phil fan.”

Watch the clip above.