Will Forte Runs Lines for ‘MacGruber’ TV Series With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

It’s gonna have to be a cable show

You’re running out of time to get super excited about the possibility of a “MacGruber” TV series. On Tuesday, Will Forte stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to confirm the great news, and to run a few lines.

“It is true that Jorma Taccone, John Solomon and I last week pitched a ‘MacGruber’ TV series to some place,” Forte told his host and fellow “SNL” alum.

“The content is very powerful,” Forte summed up the direction he wants to take the character, which originated in hilarious “Saturday Night Live” digital shorts and was adapted into a feature-length movie in 2010. “It’s very important.”

He later added adjectives “high-minded” and “complex,” so we need this show.

Forte then gave the 30 Rock audience a sweet sneak preview, pulling mini-scripts from his jacket. We’ll set the scene for readers: MacGruber (Forte), Vicki St. Elmo (Kristen Wiig, but in this case Fallon) and Piper (Ryan Philippe) have just finished foiling an evil plot. Lovers MacGruber and Vicki are celebrating in a passionate embrace.

MacGruber: “We did it. We did it. Well, my love, now that that’s over, I think it might be time for a little R&R.”

Vicki: “Yeah, I could use some rest and relaxation.”

MacGruber: “No. The other R&R: Ramming and rimming.”

And, scene.

“We pitched that. We pitched that,” Forte said amid thunderous applause. “We said that in a room to people in suits.”

Watch the video above, because we definitely couldn’t do the moment the full justice it deserves in mere transcription form.

The guy’s a freakin’ genius, MacGruber!