Mitt Romney Books His First Sunday Talk Show Since March 2010

Romney will appear on “Fox News Sunday” Dec. 18

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has booked his first Sunday talk-show appearance in more than a year: on “Fox News Sunday” Dec. 18.

The former Massachusetts governor will talk with host Chris Wallace about the upcoming Iowa caucus and the GOP race to supplant Barack Obama, the network announced.

Romney has not appeared on a Sunday talk show since announcing his intention to run for the presidency. It also continues his string of Fox-only appearances.

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Romney's prickly demeanor with the press has been under scrutiny of late thanks to a pair of incidents.

The New York Times embedded a reporter in Saturday’s presidential candidates forum on Fox News, and then ran a piece on Monday that revealed Romney’s displeasure with the reporter’s presence. His aides insisted that the reporter stay as far away from the candidate as possible.

That was less than a week after a contentious Nov. 30 interview between Fox’s Bret Baier and the GOP candidate. Baier later told his network counterpart Bill O’Reilly that Romney complained not once but twice about the nature of his questions.

He also appeared two days later on "Fox and Friends."

It will be up to Wallace to press Romney not just about the campaign, but his aversion to follow-up questions and to his overly cautious approach with the media in general.

Seeking to avoid the verbal gaffes of fellow aspirants such as Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann, Romney has stayed on message and shunned impromptu media appearances.

He has polled in the low 20s throughout the race, watching other candidates rise above him and fall back just as swiftly. The latest "frontrunner" is Newt Gingrich, who has appeared on Fox News more than 50 times since announcing his intention to run.