Will Smith’s Feelings for Margot Robbie Cost Him ‘Focus’ in Film’s Trailer (Video)

Smith stars as veteran grifter who cottons to his protege only to face off against her years later in the biggest con of their lives

Will Smith and Margot Robbie in "Focus"
Warner Bros. Pictures

Every couple has a meet-cute, and it often says a lot about their relationship. So what does it say about Will Smith and Margot Robbie that they met while she was trying to run a con on him in the trailer for “Focus?” The pair star as grifters, with Smith the veteran conman and Robbie the ambitious up-and-comer.

Smith sees something in her and takes her under his wing, but then he breaks one of his cardinal rules: he starts to fall for her. So he breaks it off.

After all, trust is very hard to come by in their line of work. At one point in the action-packed trailer, Smith warns Robbie that she can’t trust anybody, leading her to wonder why she should trust him.

It’s a question for which he doesn’t have an answer. By the same logic, why should he trust her? That mutual mistrust is tested when Robbie re-enters his life years later, working the same scam from opposing angles. Can he maintain his focus with this beautiful distraction working against him?

“Focus” looks like a breakneck film with a ton of action, explosions, gunfire and sexual banter. In their first meeting, Smith admits that he agreed to follow Robbie back to her hotel room despite knowing it was a con for two reasons: he wanted to see what she had and he likes breasts. It ain’t aiming for “subtle.”

“Focus” also stars Rodrigo Santoro, B.D. Wong and Gerald McRaney. It was written and directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, while Denise Di Novi produced it. Warner Bros. Pictures will release the film to theaters on Feb. 27, 2015.

See the full trailer here.