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Will Smith Needs to Lighten Up in Second ‘After Earth’ Trailer (Video)

Will Smith stars in M. Night Shyamalan's sci-fi thriller as a father who treats his son like a soldier 

Will Smith has two objectives after crash landing on our planet 1000 years in the future in "After Earth": 1.) Survive 2.) Lighten up.

The second trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's upcoming sci-fi flick gives a little more background on the relationship a super-serious Smith has with his son (Jaden Smith) and it isn't very good.

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"You have a son that you do not know," Sophie Okonedo, the actress who plays Smith's wife, says. "He's reaching for you and he does not need a commanding officer. He needs a father. Now go make some good memories together."

But as it turns out, Smith couldn't have picked a worse time to start the father-son bonding. Their intergalactic flight goes terribly wrong and those "good memories" turn into a nightmare filled with pesky monkeys, sabertooth tigers, giant eagles and a creature more dangerous than all three of those animals combined.

"After Earth" lands in theaters on June 7.

Here's the trailer:

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