Katy Perry, Justin Bieber Documentary Directors Tackle the Electric Daisy Carnival

Will moviegoers see EDC through dilated pupils?

Electric Daisy Carnival promoter Insomniac Events will make a documentary about the 2013 dance festival in Las Vegas "through the eyes of the fans and the creative minds behind the event."

Fillmakers Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz's Magical Elves will direct the film, which Haven Entertainment will produce. Magical Elves previously directed the Katy Perry and Justin Bieber concert movies, which made more than $100 million between them at the box office.

The documentary will take fans behind the scenes of the festival, which has become one of the most popular in the world since its inception in 1997. It is expected to attract more than 300,000 attendees this year.

"EDC has evolved into a unique pop culture movement and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to film it," Cutforth said in a statement while Jane Lipsitz added, "We're inspired by the stories that come together at EDC – stories of love, music, youth and discovery, which are timeless."

The event has also been a lightning rod for controversy, moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas after a spate of drug-related deaths. Insomniac then faced corruption charges.

Yet the festival’s promoters have insisted those problems are in the rearview mirror now that the festivities have moved to Las Vegas.

A previous documentary about EDC, “Electric Daisy Carnival Experience,” papered over those rough spots and portrayed the hard work that goes into the festival and the unadulterated fun most attendees have.

"I'm very excited for audiences to witness the passion that goes into making EDC Las Vegas an unforgettable experience for the fans, who I consider our headliners," Insomnaic CEO Pasquale Rotella said in a statement. "The teams at Haven Entertainment and Magical Elves understand the spirit of EDC and I'm confident that we will capture the magic of the festival on film."

Electronic dance music, an umbrella term for innumerable genres of digitally produced, pulsating music, is having a moment in the Hollywood sun. Popular DJ and producer DJ is executive producing a narrative film with the Underground that aims to capture the festival experience while both Warner Bros. and Summit are developing their own projects.